guidonsDouble-sided Guidons

Our double-sided ones are made to military specifications. They measure 20″ high by 27 3/4″ wide with the emblem being embroidered applique style. We use 200 denier nylon fabric, unless otherwise specified.

The double-sided ones are made with swallow-tail end with a 10″ forked. The emblem and letters/numerals will appear proper on both sides. Letters and numerals will read from left to right on each side and are fully embroidered applique on the artwork requirements. They are finished with a pole hem and leather tabs for affixing to your pole.

guidonsSingle-sided Guidons

These are single-sided and made for framing with the emblem on one side only. We can make the single-sided in a number of way for framing. They are fully customize-able and made to order.

When we leave it rectangular, the swallow tail shape can be cut in the matting by the framer. All letters and numerals are fully embroidered.


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